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Experience a Whole Body Enrichment With Your Open Heart Yoga Team as Your Guides


Amy Crowe our "Brooklyn Yogi" has a dance background and a strong & graceful yoga practice

Ann Yocum our teacher trainer extraordinaire and a dialogue goddess "form and alignment"

Caroline DeFelice a beautiful artist and it shows in her creative practice

Katherine Amoedo "a work out, a work in" and a journey throughout her open heart flow

Katie Lessor feel her passion for yoga in her voice, expression and flow

Kelly Annarella a soothing, peaceful, restorative guide specializing in a Yin practice & a Kripalu Flow

Linda Vera a Barkan inspired Vinyasa w/aromatic oil,Hot 26 savvy and includes dialogue in Spanish

Liz Kirk Pilates based rhythmic movements practiced with weights, props, music and a smile

Mary Ansell Breath, mind, body& energy awareness,gratitude builder/a challenge- if you make it one