Mary Ansell

Founder / secretary

Originally a public school teacher, Mary took a break from teaching to raise three children. During that time, she became aware of the many local resources that are available to Monmouth County residents and chose to volunteer in schools, nonprofit organizations and charities. Her journey continued as she combined her love for teaching and volunteering with her passion for yoga to transition towards another exciting path…becoming a yoga teacher in a nonprofit studio. On her yoga mat, she set an intention and with the help of many, it came to fruition.

Teaching yoga in high schools, safe houses, hospitals, studios and for a variety of nonprofit organizations, created building blocks that inspired her to combine many of these experiences into something special.  While practicing yoga, she imagined a more diverse and inclusive studio to enrich and unite our community. “Yoga’s life enhancing tools that positively affect our physical, emotional and mental health should be a need, not a want, and should be available to everyone. Getting to know new members of our community by practicing together, breaks down barriers and unites us.”

With enthusiastic friends, yoga students, Board Members, and generous donors, they worked together to breathe life into Open Heart Yoga. She hopes many will be a part of this ripple effect that will have beneficial results for everyone. Mary knows the yoga community encompasses wonderful people that willingly support each other and happily help others. She is grateful there are so many local resources available and would like to add the asset of yoga and mindfulness to improve the quality of community life.