Mary Ansell

Founder / secretary

Originally a public school teacher, Mary combined her love for teaching and passion for yoga to transition towards another exciting path.  

She has been practicing yoga for over two decades and often imagined a more diverse and inclusive studio that would further enrich and unite our community. She feels everyone should have the ability to practice and learn yoga's life enhancing tools that positively affect our physical, emotional and mental health. Open Heart Yoga is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) Organization serving our community and providing the empowering tools of yoga and mindfulness to its students and to the recipients of our community’s local charities and nonprofit organizations. She hopes many will be a part of this ripple effect that will have beneficial results for everyone. Mary knows the yoga community encompasses wonderful people that willingly support each other and happily help others. She is grateful there are so many local resources available and would like to add the asset of yoga and mindfulness to improve the quality of community life. Practice Yoga- Give Yoga- Unite Community.