Kelly Annarella

Yoga instructor

Kelly began her yoga journey thirty years ago in the solitude of her bedroom before a humble book called Yoga 26 Poses. Those poses, the first of more than two decades of practice, supported her in completing a Master’s degree from Columbia University as well as the first stages of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Over the years, she’s explored a variety of practices (Anusara, Kundalini, Kripalu, and Yin) and weaves them all into her teaching. It was, however, Kripalu yoga and Yin yoga that have most spoken to her soul. Through ongoing exploration of breath, movement, meditation, and the study of Jungian psychology, Kelly has healed herself in profound and lasting ways.

As a teacher, Kelly feels grateful to share the peace, wisdom, and vitality that she’s discovered through her own yoga practice. She knows both the exhilaration and confusion/insecurity that can come with exploring any new practice, especially one as life altering as yoga. From a place of deep compassion, Kelly treats the yoga room as a sacred, loving space, where students can explore the beauty of their inner worlds.

Following her Yoga Alliance 800-hour Kripalu style yoga certification, Kelly has completed training in Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers. She is currently completing her advanced 300-hour certification with Kripalu.