There is no perfect yoga body - yoga is perfect for Every Body

You are your own Best Teacher. Open Heart Yoga “Teachers” will “Guide” you in and out of poses with correct form and alignment - encouraging you to work to your full potential. Flexibility, strength and balance are beautiful bonuses that are reaped by regularly practicing yoga. Enrichment of Body, Mind and Spirit results in a true Whole Body ~ Work Out & Work In.

As we are often told “You Be You”  & “Honor your Body”. You, and only you, know what you are capable of and we remind you not to Strain Yourself but certainly don't Cheat Yourself either! If your practice on any given day entails a super long savasana to seep in positive energy around you - you are welcome to it! If you’d like to modify a pose to make it more challenging - do so! Every class is modifiable to meet your needs. 

Speaking of “You Be You” - we will Embrace and Radiate our own Authenticity as a studio as well. We are a nonprofit studio, here to serve, enrich and unite our community by providing greater access to the practice of Yoga and Mindfulness. We hope to expand our yoga community while practicing in a diverse and inclusive environment. We intend to inspire, encourage, and learn from each other. 

Hatha Yoga is a general category encompassing many yoga styles that incorporate poses, breath-work, and help prepare us for meditation.

That being said, catchy names of classes are certainly fun and enticing but sometimes confusing. With our Hatha Yoga Flows set to a playlist of varying music styles, you will be practicing yoga that will encompass most of what these catchy class names suggest…

Happy Hamstrings - Hippy Warriors - Funky Flow - Better Balance - Yummy Yin - Internal Light - Power Yoga - Yoga For Athletes - Good Morning Sunshine - Align & Restore - Shoulders & Neck - Yoga for Beginners - Yoga for Athletes

…the list goes on and on because yoga's benefits are endless.


You get the gist? Live Your Yoga ~ Its Perfect for Every Body!